Generate up to 80%
of your clients for online stores
and local businesses
Get customers and make money
from Google without ADS
30 min SEO-talk


Our Case Studies

Niche: Neon signs shop
Region Of Promotion: USA
Plan: Business

+ 1179% traffic form organic search
507 keywords on TOP-10
+ 12411 increase in visits per month

Niche: Lashing straps online shop
Region Of Promotion: Netherlands
Plan: Business

+ 764% trafic from original search
+ 187 keywords in Google TOP-10

Niche: Retail
Region Of Promotion: Singapore
Plan: E-commerce

+426 % traffic form organic search
1178 keywords on TOP-10
+ 484 increase in visits per month

Website: **********.org (NDA)
Niche: Star registry online shop
Region Of Promotion: Worldwide
Plan: E-commerce

+ 4224 % traffic form organic search
4558 keywords on TOP-10
+ 5400 increase in visits per month

JettSEO the fastest SEO
of the market

Customers will find your website on Google within 3 months. How do we do that?
After 5 years of expert work, we have created Jett — a proven SEO technology consisting of exclusive know-how algorithms, safe and proven SEO approaches.
Therefore, we bring customers to Google TOP-10 in 3 months for 100+ keywords in any language, local o global, at any level of competition.

Discovery call

At this stage we take time to fully understand your business needs. Together we assess the value that SEO adds to your marketing mix and define the next steps.

What will you get?
* SEO strategy
* SEO analysis

Identify your SEO potential

We work systematically to SEO is not for everyone. Therefore we answer to the most important questions: can your business draw profit from SEO? We perform a preliminary analysis. As a result of the audit we will have a personalized plan for your website with the estimated timeframe to enter TOP 10 and the necessary budget to reach Google page 1 for your target keywords.

What will you get?
* SEO workplan

* SEO consulting

Set up phase

Google SEO compliance analysis Google SEO compliance implementation Target page text optimisation Linkbuilding preparation Target setting

What will you get?
* 80% of your target customers for online stores and local businesses.

* Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to see the positive dynamics / growths for your keywords


At JettSEO we use our proven unique linkbuilding technology to the unique content that takes the website to TOP 10 in 3 month on average. Weekly position report that will demonstrate the growth, dynamics and trends across the targeted keywords.

What will you get?
* all SEO work done and positions changes
* latest trends and recommendations for you

Roadmap the movement of your business to Google TOP

JettSEO includes:


Keyword Research

JettSEO's professionals will examine your website, niche and competitors. We will select the most relevant keywords to cover the majority of your target audience.


Troubleshooting website errors

Our web developers will do whatever it takes to fix all the technical errors that keep you away from the top positions in Google. We will follow the recommendations of the manual audit provided by our SEO team.


Link building

We will use our well tested and proven technology for link building. We will add 3000 relevant and high quality backlinks to your website on a monthly basis. We install the links on niche related websites from our 50 000+ website network that are pre-selected according to the highest standard SEO criteria. Comprehensive link building will make your website thrive and reach TOP 10 at the shortest time possible.


Content writing

Content is king. It is almost impossible to maintain a steady flow of traffic without providing valuable and original content. Let our highly creative writers, together with our SEO specialists, create compelling, SEO-friendly copy for your website.


Advanced Website Audit

Advanced Website Audit Developing a Google guidelines compliant website is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign.


SEO Support

Competing for the top ten sites on Google is today's digital world. JettSEO will not only provide you with comprehensive support and professional service, but will be by your side step by step.

Choose Your JettSEO

Small business

from 599$ /mon

  • Expand your customer base
  • We will help the website to climb to the top 10 of Google. JettSEO will fully customize your site for search engines
  • - low and medium traffic keywords
  • - low competition
  • - local businesses
  • - 1 language and category
  • What will you get?
  • An increasing number of visits to your site, improving the selling qualities of your web page, and therefore, more customers will know your business.


from 1099$ /mo

  • Stream of traffic and sales
  • JettSEO will support your website get the most customers from Google:
  • - up to 80% of traffic
  • - business operations in high competition niches
  • - 1 language and category
  • What will you get?
  • The site is promoted for as many "sales" search queries as possible.
  • We promote all types of queries: high, medium and low frequency.


On request /

  • Increase your sales
  • Developing online stores with JettSEO will help you drive organic traffic from Google to your site for high, medium and low frequency queries. By optimizing your website, you are taking another important step to increase sales and promotion:
  • - more than 1 product category
  • - 100+ keywords
  • - high competition niches
  • What will you get?
  • JettSEO will improve the profitability

Basic Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Advanced Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • 25 Analytics Compaign
  • 1,300 Keywords
  • 25 social media reviews
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Business Plan

$29.99 /Month

  • Increase traffic 130%
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic traffic 215%
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 support

Ready to grow

Who choose JettSEO

Business owners

Get guaranteed customers without expensive advertising

Save money with guaranteed professional service without random choice of employee

Grow your customer base and increase your profits

Marketing experts

Close the promotion issue as quickly, cheaply and efficiently as possible

Recoup the profit of the spent budget

Find customers who are already looking for a company, but do not see it on the Internet


Expand the range of your services

Profit from reselling effective SEO services

No profit limitation, because you set the prices and your own rules for working with clients.


Our clients love us and that’s true meashure of an SEO agensy’s success







The best testimonials are the reviews

Your benefits of JettSEO

Data Driven USA SEO Services

The JettSEO services offered by our agency get the best out of a broad set of data to drive and improve your organic campaign strategy. All keyword research decisions are focused on generating qualified leads and every optimization is measured based on how it will impact overall site conversions.

Tracking real conversions

Tracking real conversions JettSEO has to be focused on the right goals. Unlike other search engine optimization companies, we track real conversions so you know how JettSEO is creating value.

Rare Experience

Take advantage of our innovative technology, 5 years of experience and a network of 579 websites to make your company an undisputed leader in your industry.

We have created a proven SEO technology that takes websites to the TOP 10 in Google in 3 months for over 100 keywords in any language, in any location and with any level of competition. JettSEO technology consists of exclusive know-how algorithms, safe and proven SEO approaches that are exclusively available to our clients.

Our teem

We are always on guard to protect your SEO rankings

I have ranked 150+ websites TOP 10 in 5 years of expertise. I specialize in high-quality backlinking strategies.

I keep my SEO strategies up to date and I never stop learning. Now I make MBA degree in HSLU in Switserland, which is TOP 6% of Business Schools Worldwide.
My clients must succeed regardless of their business competition level, world economics situation or location.

My clients must succeed regardless of their business competition level, world economics situation or location.

Valeriia Rettig
Founder, CEO and SEO expert

I help my clients to fully understand SEO processes and how to gain most of it. I provide you with position report, traffic report and on-site works reports. My priority is that you are always in control of your SEO progress and can measure the success in the number of sales, traffic and conversions. I will be your point of contact #1.

Oxana Borenko
Customer Success Manager

My goal is to help you build the optimal SEO strategy that will propel your business to new heights. I analyze your market and niche at a local and global scale to better help your company. I research the best commercial keywords, your current Google positions and current traffic in your market. That will let us calculate potential traffic, sales and revenue attracted by JettSEO together. I have helped both small and large scale businesses in highly competitive markets to achieve their goals and increase their revenue..

Gabriel Cooper
SEO Strategist

Ready to grow

Boosts your website traffic!

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    JettSEO FAQs

    SEO is really about generating leads for your business that you can then convert into clients or sales. The ultimate end goal of SEO for us is always about growing your business through increasing your visibility and presence on Google – and that’s something we specialise in.

    We have many FREE SEO resources to help you gain a better understanding of SEO and how it can grow your business.

    We guarantee that you’ll see increasing returns as a consequence of working with us! We always make sure that ALL clients reap the benefits of working with us!

    Our rates start from €699 – €2499 per month – all depending on the complexity involved – let’s discuss!

    Results can be seen from 6 weeks, depending on the client and the market’s nature, but three months is generally a safe bet to start seeing some really positive returns.

    We ask that clients stay with us for 6-12 months because that allows us to really generate compounding results from SEO, and we have case studies to show the results that clients get from staying with us for that period of time.

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